Every client is unique in their journey, that’s why I offer a wide range of services from one hour consultations, design and installation, landscape maintenance and workshops.


1477515-P1070524This is my most popular service- especially for people who have just moved onto a new piece of land and are unsure where to start. One hour consultations involve design ideas, recommendations for plant selections, site analysis, gardening tips and integrating different land goals together. Ongoing garden coaching and follow up consultations are also available.

“Melissa helped us to see the potential of all the various spaces on our site, and the relationships between them. Her design formed the basis of the Ironhorse Ranch as it is today – a place of enjoyment, creativity, and nourishment for our household as well as the countless neighbours who make visits a frequent part of their routine.”  -Keltie


Whether it is solving a problem, re-imagining an old garden, or adding more food, an outdoor social space or a pollinator garden, I can be your guide on that adventure.

SCN_0002crop2Melissa was the answer to our endeavour in Permaculture. The concept was new to my husband and me, and she guided us with her wealth of knowledge, experience and resources. She was essential in creating biologically diverse, self-sustaining, organic food production in our yard. When she designed it, she opened our eyes to many aspects of gardening and varieties of edible plants previously not known to us. Even after her designing process has been completed for a year, I feel at ease to know that Melissa is always available to answer my questions. She is a true gift to our valley as we shift towards sustainability. -Atsu

I listen carefully to clients and arrives at designs that fit the people living and using the landscape, as well as the local conditions. Designs are created to grow and change with your life.


“If we buy the first round of drinks, nature picks up the tab for dinner and a show.” -Toby Hemenway

This is the part of the process where we make your vision come alive on the landscape. Some clients like to do it themselves, some like a co-planting and some like Aurora Edible Designs to take care of everything. I’m flexible with options depending on the client.

gartenmoebel-de-wfqsRJZjXP0-unsplashAurora Edible Designs takes special care and attention to detail during the installation phase to make sure all the elements are properly placed and planted for success. Estimates are provided based on the design and material selection. Installations can also be phased over multiple seasons to break up material costs.


Keep your garden productive, healthy and well-maintained!

  • Seasonal pruning to produce more fruit, training in small spaces, privacy and the health of your plants.
  • Mulching– mulch conserves water, reduces weeds, reduces erosion, provides winter protection and makes your yard more attractive.
  • Organic fertilizers– application of soil amendments, organic fertilizers will help feed your soil food web and your plants.
  • Weeding- on going or spring/summer/fall clean up of the garden.
  • Planting/Dividing– Add in more colour or seasonal interest, or divide perennials that have taken over garden beds

1475887-IMG_5699I have availability for a small number of clients for weekly or bi-weekly maintenance. Contact me for my maintenance availability by email or phone.



Melissa Flint does a variety of workshops for all ages and abilities. Melissa teaches permaculture, gardening, design, sustainability and environmental education. Classes are engaging and empowering!

“I have taken many workshops from Melissa Flint. Her knowledge of permaculture is vast and her proficiency in relating concepts of permaculture to people of all abilities, and in a myriad of ways, is extensive. She stirs landscape design, horticulture, philosophy, simple living and many more ingredients into the pot of permaculture and serves a dish which never fails to delight.”  -Bryan

Start by connecting by email or phone.  If you have an idea in your mind that you want to come fruition, connect with me and I’d be happy to help you on the journey or point you towards some people and resources that could help you succeed!