Melissa Flint does a variety of workshops for all ages and abilities. Melissa teaches permaculture, gardening, design, sustainability and environmental education. Melissa’s classes are engaging, fun and empowering.

Past Workshops have included:

Intro to Permaculture, Four Season Gardening, Food Forests, Building Soil Fertility, Water Harvesting, Seed Saving, Vermicomposting, Design and Permaculture Principles, Permaculture Projects from Around the World, Introduction to Market Gardening, Agri-Tourism.

She is currently the Creston Outdoor Educator for Wildsight and teaches a variety of outdoor education courses to to elementary students and high school student. She is also an educator for Columbia Basin Environmental Educators Network’s Wild Voices for Kids.

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I have taken many workshops from Melissa Flint. Her knowledge of permaculture is vast and her proficiency in relating concepts of permaculture to people of all abilities, and in a myriad of ways, is extensive. She stirs landscape design, horticulture, philosophy,simple living and many more ingredients into the pot of permaculture and serves a dish which never fails to delight."- Bryan

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