This is a guided adventure to a new landscape. Whether it is solving an existing problem, re-imagining an old garden or adding some new life into your space, Aurora Edible Designs is here to help.

Aurora Edible Designs listens carefully to clients so to arrive at a designs that fits the people living and using the landscape, as well as the local conditions. Designs are created to grow and change with your life.

Vision is not seeing things as they are but as they will be.

Designs start with a client questionnaire to go over your goals, visions and site constraints, and as well as budgets and time lines. Each client has different goals, involvement, and deliverables, so Aurora Edible Designs offers design at an hourly rate. Designs may include species list, resources lists, base map, as well as conceptual designs.

Some clients like to install their landscapes themselves, and some let Aurora Edible Designs take care of it all!

Once the design details are finalized, Aurora Edible Designs then selects materials, prepares the landscape and installs the designs. Aurora Edible Designs takes special care and attention to detail during the install phase to make sure all elements are properly placed and planted for success. Estimates are provided based on clients goals, species selection and materials selection.

Melissa was the answer to our endeavour in Permaculture. The concept was new to my husband and me, and she guided us with her wealth of knowledge, experience and resources. She was essential in creating biologically diverse, self-sustaining, organic food production in our yard. When she designed it, she opened our eyes to many aspects of gardening and varieties of edible plants previously not known to us. Even after her designing process has been completed for a year, I feel at ease to know that Melissa is always available to answer my questions. She is a true gift to our valley as we shift towards sustainability." -Atsu